Visit Anchorage

About Visit Anchorage

Tourism generates social, cultural, and financial benefits for residents and diversifies and develops Anchorage's economy. Since 1975, Visit Anchorage - formerly the Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau - has represented the communities of Anchorage, Girdwood, Eagle River, Eklutna, Indian, Birchwood, Chugiak, and Portage before the traveling public, both in the U.S. and around the world. Visit Anchorage's mission: driving economic and social value for Anchorage residents, businesses, and visitors through tourism.


Visit Anchorage's long-term goals are organized in three categories:

Economic - Increase total annual revenues and profitability from tourism

  • Optimize visitor yield in summer by targeting more visitors with better experiences, longer stays, and investment
  • Improve seasonality with winter and shoulder season growth
  • Attract higher yield-visitors and channels
  • Increase awareness, interest, and action to visit Anchorage
  • Support improvement of visitor experiences, products, and infrastructure
  • Increase and improve labor availability


Social - Improve Anchorage livability and appreciation of tourism among residents

  • Support improvement in resident quality of life
  • Improve perception of tourism in the community
  • Increase government, industry, and resident confidence in tourism to support tourism direction


Environmental - Ensure natural assets are protected & sustained for locals and visitors to enjoy for generations to come

  • Increase tourism stakeholder environmental awareness
  • Infuse environmental considerations more comprehensively in key tourism programs


How Visit Anchorage Operates

Visit Anchorage marketing and promotions functions are funded by one-third of the Municipal bed tax collected by lodging facilities; one-third of the bed tax goes to the Municipality of Anchorage's general fund, and one-third to service the bond debt and operations of the Anchorage Convention Centers. In effect, visitors pay for future tourism marketing efforts, and the bed tax reinvests in Anchorage. View the annual report.

Destination marketing is a very competitive business. Visit Anchorage's positioning of Anchorage keeps our city top-of-mind with the traveling public, infusing much-needed visitor industry dollars into our community. Visitor spending allows for year-round employment, generates revenue for many local businesses, and keeps our quality-of-life high by making it profitable for restaurants and entertainment options to remain open throughout the year. Discover more about the many ways tourism works for Anchorage, and how Visit Anchorage works to balance travel and tourism to benefit people, place and prosperity.


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