Packing List

You’ve booked your tickets. You’ve reserved the perfect room. You’re counting down the days until your trip to Anchorage. Now you might be wondering: What to pack? Well, you may have heard the saying, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” It holds true in Alaska. While Anchorage enjoys a mild coastal climate, weather can run the gamut, and it’s important to be prepared to make the most of any visit to Anchorage. These tips can help.

  • Bring layers: In Anchorage, you might find yourself trekking along a sun-soaked mountainside one minute and enjoying a glass of champagne and some fresh Alaska oysters in a downtown bistro the next. Packing several layers — from long-sleeved base layers to light sweaters and a heavier jacket — will help you thrive in any temperature, cooling down or warming up depending on the activity. 

  • Pack something waterproof: Exploring glaciers, watching for whales, and paddling iconic Alaska waterways means you might encounter a few puddles or a little ocean spray. Packing a lightweight rain jacket, water-repellent pants, and water-resistant footwear will help you stay dry no matter in any conditions.

  • Fantastic fabrics: Polyester, nylon, and merino wool clothing wicks away moisture and dries quickly, making it perfect for staying warm and dry before, during, and after your Anchorage adventures. It’s especially ideal if you’re planning on hitting the slopes or spending time on the trails: You’ll remain comfortable even after working up a sweat.

  • Cool and casual: Anchorage is a casual city with a distinctly Alaska aesthetic, and the local style is comfortable and laid-back. While there are plenty of opportunities to dress up if you’d like, it’s also not unusual to see hiking boots in an upscale restaurant, or Patagonia at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts. You’ll fit in no matter what you wear.

  • Treat your feet: Downtown Anchorage is extremely walkable, the entire Anchorage Bowl is laced with footpaths, and the mountains surrounding the city are dotted with trailheads. Make the most of these wide open spaces with a sturdy, comfortable pair of hiking boots or walking shoes, and good socks to go with them.

  • Don’t overpack: Aim to travel light so you can spend less time hauling luggage and more time enjoying Alaska. Plus: With plenty of malls, boutique shops, and gear rental companies in Anchorage, it’s easy to buy or rent any items or equipment you left at home. 

Plan Your Trip

Plan the ultimate trip to Anchorage, Alaska, for memories that will last a lifetime. Maps, transportation schedules and Alaska travel tips make trip planning a breeze.


Protected by the Chugach Mountains and warmed by currents of the Pacific Ocean, Anchorage’s mild climate may come as a surprise. The city is farther south than Reykjavik and 400 miles from the...