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There's a reason Anchorage is known as "the City of Lights and Flowers." Anchorage plants approximately 80,000 flowers in 460 city beds including dinner-plate sized dahlias, fuchsias, begonias, and more. Baskets of flowers, often in the blue and gold of the state flag, hang from lampposts all over town. Town Square Park and the beds at the Log Cabin Visitor Information Center are a few favorites.

For a full immersion in Alaska's botanical bounty, visit the Alaska Botanical Garden: Its winding trails are perfect for a peaceful exploration of Alaska wildflowers, herbs and berries as well as exotic alpine plants from around the world. Find out what grows under the midnight sun in rich, glacial soil. A half-mile loop hints at the treasures of the more than 100-acre garden. Stroll on your own, or go with a pro - Brie's Botanical Garden Tours offers excursions exploring all that grows in Anchorage.

Located just south of downtown Anchorage, the aptly named Mystery Garden is seeded with a different design every year, and the subject is top secret until spring blooms reveal the new image. Check out the garden driving south from downtown Anchorage on Minnesota Drive, just after 15th Avenue.

Operated by the Municipality of Anchorage, the Mann Leiser Memorial Garden features more than 500 plant species, an annual plant test garden and a tropical display. Open daily, except for holidays; admission is free.

The Delaney Park strip, between Ninth and Tenth avenues from A to P streets, features 150 fragrant tea rose bushes in Centennial Rose Garden and another 4,000 dazzling annuals scattered throughout the park.

National Parks

By area, Alaska holds more than half of America’s national park lands. With 17 national park units and 16 national wildlife refuges, the options...

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Take home images of Alaska that capture the breadth and beauty of Alaska. Anchorage photography tours put the states natural wonders in focus.