David Kasser

Only In Anchorage Experiences

Meeting in Anchorage means world-class access to the best of Alaska. Between abundant opportunities for wilderness adventures, city celebrations, and family-friendly festivities, Anchorage overflows with unique experiences visitors won’t find anywhere else. Here are a few of our favorites.

Amazing Mountains: Not only is Anchorage the only major city featuring downtown views of Denali (the tallest peak in North America), the city is surrounded by multiple different mountain ranges. The Chugach Mountains cover hundreds of thousands of acres immediately to the east, and the sprawling Talkeetna Mountains are just a short drive to the north. The Alaska Range looms large across the western horizon, and the Kenai Mountains fill the view to the south. They’re packed with glaciers, wildlife, rushing rapids, and serene mountain meadows, so if you’re looking for some alpine inspiration, Anchorage is the place to be. 

Perfect Parks: Anchorage is home to more parkland per capita than any other city in the country, and our vast network of bike, ski, and walking trails is the ideal way to explore it. Popular annual events like the skiing Tour of Anchorage, the Bonny Sosa Tuesday Night Races for runners, and the Frosty Bottom Fat Bike Race are just a few of the ways Alaskans love to get out and enjoy the land.

City of Lights: The aurora borealis are generally visible from Anchorage from September through April, but the northern lights aren’t the only ones brightening up Anchorage nights. In the winter, festive holiday light displays add sparkle to every corner of the city, and in the summer, the midnight sun keeps the evenings golden, drenching downtown flower gardens in light. There’s a reason Anchorage is called the City of Lights and Flowers. 

Fun Festivals: From the annual Bear Paw Festival to winter’s iconic Fur Rendezvous, Anchorage buzzes with unique celebrations that highlight all the best parts of life in Alaska’s largest city. Cheer on competitors in the Slippery Salmon Olympics, or dash through downtown during the annual Running of the Reindeer. Anchorage fairs and festivals are full of unique fun for the whole family.