Photo Best Practices

A photo is worth a thousand words, and you want to make the most of every one. Picking the perfect picture can help communicate the right message to potential guests, enticing future visitors and showing off all the best parts of your business. When you share top-quality images with travelers in a printed visitor guide or online at, your brand leaves an indelible impression on thousands of potential clients and customers. Follow these tips for picking the best photos for your webpage, listing, or social media.

  • Provide horizontal images, rather than vertical photos: Horizontal images offer the most flexibility for use in website listings, print, social media, and other platforms. 
  • The perfect size: For the best results, aim for photos that measure at least 1600x800 pixels at 72 dpi.
  • Images must be JPG format: No animated or Flash images are accepted, and photos cannot include URLs, phone numbers, text, or logos.
  • Maximum file size: 8 MB
  • Follow the Rule of Thirds: Imagine dividing an image into nine equal rectangles. Placing the subject of a photo at the intersection of any four of those rectangles helps give the image more balance, appeal, and energy. Plus, keeping the action away from the edges of your image ensures nothing will be lost if it has to be cropped to fit a specific layout need.
  • Look for good light: Look for clear, bright images without any harsh shadows or overexposed highlights. Direct sunlight can cause glare, and deep shadows can obscure important details.
  • Always ask for permission: Photos featuring happy guests and customers are a great way to help promote your business — just make sure guests sign a photo release form or otherwise agree to appear in promotional images first.