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Visitor Guide Listings

The Official Guide to Anchorage is yet another chance to turn the spotlight on your business. Guides are mailed to prospective Alaska travelers, and distributed at national and international travel shows, visitor information centers, statewide airports, convention registration desks, hotels and local taxis, and beyond. They reach one of the largest audiences of any Alaska travel publication. Placing a listing in the guide’s business directory is one of the easiest ways to share your information with tens of thousands of potential customers.

A 50-character directory listing in the next edition of the guide is included with your Visit Anchorage membership. Make it count with active descriptions and important visitor information, then consider additional affordable ways to help elevate your business listing. Supplement your listing with additional category references and/or geographic areas, or include more descriptive text in the directory itself — highlight a new tour, favorite dish, or revamped guest health and safety procedures. Look to other publications, like the Visit Anchorage Restaurant Guide, for additional opportunities to reach even more future travelers. 

Access and update your listing via the Member Account Center. A variety of options provide the perfect fit for all businesses and budgets: Contact Visit Anchorage Destination Services for additional details.