Best Practices - Visitor Lead Response

Time matters
Send your response in a timely manner. Without a prompt response, the visitor may make other arrangements.

Short is sweet
If you are responding by email, resist the urge to send photos and attachments. Keep in mind that many folks may be reading your email on a Smartphone or may not have mailboxes that allow for larger file sizes. Include links to your website or social media presence where they can access additional information, or offer to send more information in a future message if it's of interest.

If responding by mail, a simple rack card or brochure can be quite effective while helping to minimize your postage expense.

Make your message relevant
If the visitor has included comments or questions with their inquiry, do your best to tailor your response to those. Do your best to explain why you are a perfect fit for them. We recommend not using an auto generated email response.

Professionalism pays
Particularly with email messages, it is easy to slip into more of a casual tone or forget to proofread your message. Remember to address the recipient in a professional manner, check spelling and grammar and read your response before hitting the "send" or "print" button.

If you are sending a letter by mail, use company letterhead. Feel free to write a personal note but make sure the important details are typewritten.

Sell yourself
Remember to convey what makes your business or experience special. Are you rated high on a review site like TripAdvisor? Do customers send you testimonial messages about your product? Consider incorporating those selling points or including links to that information your message.