Consumer Leads

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Visit Anchorage consumer leads program work?
Leads are posted weekly in the member account center under reports. They are formatted in an easy to use Excel file. Consumers will be asked to select business categories to receive more information. We suggest each business filter the list for leads that best fit their products and services.

Do I have to pay for these leads?
No, the leads are a member benefit.

How should I follow up with visitors?
Visit Anchorage recommends filtering the list by product or service requested. Please avoid including attachments with your email response.

In your initial email you may also include an offer to send a brochure or more information by mail. During a recent visitor survey, 46% said the print mail that they received from Alaska businesses was "very good, helpful." 57% said print mail assisted them with selecting Anchorage for their vacation. 

What are the guidelines for contacting each visitor?
The visitor is only opting in to receive Alaska travel information from members with this request. Due to the strict guidelines for sending commercial emails (such as the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, Canada's CASL, and California's anti-spam legislation), we don't recommend adding them to your distribution list unless you ask them to opt-in to your specific programs. Please be considerate of the potential volume of email a visitor may be receiving from multiple members. Before using the consumer leads program, consider best practices for using consumer leads.

Quality of Visitor Leads

How quickly do the leads go out?
Leads are posted weekly in the member account center under reports.

Will I receive information from every visitor that requests a Visitor Guide on
Unfortunately, no. Consumers must opt in to receive information directly from businesses. 

What can I expect in terms of volume?
In a year, approximately 5,000 inquirers generate leads from this service. During this same time, was visited by just under a million unique users, which generates more than 388,000 clicks to member businesses. Traffic to your website through can come through your member business listing, deals, community events, and paid display ads. These clicks are the primary form of leads; if you are not participating in all of these areas of, contact your membership representative about what opportunities might be the right fit for your business.

If you are not tracking traffic to your website with a tool such as Google Analytics, we recommend doing so and providing Visit Anchorage with a trackable URL such as This will help illustrate the true volume of leads generated by Visit Anchorage.

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