Online Advertising

Capitalize on features and maximize site performance for your business. is one of the top travel planning websites in Alaska with a targeted reach of more than 1 million users. Your business information - along with all other content on the site - displays in the best layout for a desktop computer, tablet, and mobile device.

Business listings are displayed randomly in the applicable business category and appear in three tiers - featured listings (top of category placement for additional fee of $450/year/listing), followed by complete listings (include a photo and description), and incomplete listings (no photo or incomplete description).

Submit the high-resolution photos that best reflect your business. You can send images to your member representative for inclusion in your online listing. Click here to view a photo tip sheet for specs and suggestions.

Sponsored content ads are also available on Ads are be integrated with other editorial content throughout the site. Impressions will be evenly distributed with other advertisers, one ad per advertiser. Sponsored content ads include a photo, headline (40 characters max), and body copy (85 characters max). Visit Anchorage reviews and approves ad copy and image before publishing.

Contact your membership representative to learn more about online advertising opportunities.