Winter Biking

How do Alaskans get two-wheeled traction in winter? Winter biking, either on fat tire bikes or with studded tires, opens up a winter wonderland to cyclists.

Winter bikes gained prominence in Alaska in 1987 with the first race along the Iditarod trail. But in the last 5 years, winter biking has taken off with everyone from commuters to backcountry explorers. Best of all, rentals are available locally for anyone ready to give it a try. The city and local cross-country ski organization maintain miles of trails perfect for bikes.

Ready to join a few pedal-powered pals? Winter biking events bring the biking community together. The Frosty Bottom and Big Fat Ride each run through the heart of the city on winter trails. Longer races include famous rides like the Susitna 100, Little Su 50K and Iditarod Trail Invitational pit the best bikers against wilderness courses.