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Brochure Distribution

Visit Anchorage members have access to an important, exclusive benefit — rack space for distributing brochures at Visitor Information Centers in downtown Anchorage and at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. It’s one of the most effective ways available to reach potential customers on the ground in Anchorage.

Travelers stop by the Visitor Information Centers searching for in-depth details about top activities, unforgettable attractions, accessible tours, centrally located accommodations, transportation, guide services, and more. Your business might be just what they’re looking for. Providing brochures for distribution at these popular Visitor Information Centers means reaching potentially thousands of additional travelers annually. The best part? They’re already here in Anchorage, and already searching for premier experiences and excursions.

Give visitors the information they crave by distributing your business brochures at Visit Anchorage’s three popular Visitor Information Centers. Members can re-stock all locations by dropping brochures downtown; Visit Anchorage will handle stocking at the airport as needed. Contact Visit Anchorage’s Destination Services department for specific details about stocking your brochures today.

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