Northern Lights Viewing

Anchorage is the best base from which to chase aurora. Many of the prime locations are easily accessed from the city. There are plenty of Anchorage guides with an eye for those magical lights. Mild winter temperatures keep everyone comfy. And once the sun rises, Anchorage offers plenty of other ways to wow.

The shimmering aurora are seen swirling in Anchorage’s skies from the middle of August through April. They can be incredibly bright, multihued, and fast moving.

Ionized gas particles hit the Earth’s magnetic field, resulting is an amazing phenomenon of undulating curtains of light that glow, ripple, sway, fold, and unfold then suddenly disappear. The most common color is a brilliant yellow-green, but auroras can also produce red, blue, and purples.

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Aurora Tours and Trips Near Anchorage

Catching the aurora can be as easy as looking up at the stars. Going with an expert can help increase your odds, unlock the best vantage points, give you an extra set of eyes to watch conditions, and tap into the local expertise of someone passionate about pursuing the aurora. Below are just a few prime aurora viewing spots and guides focused on northern lights in the winter: