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No deadlines, no schedule. Nothing but the open road and skies as far as the eye can see. Easy riders are in for a wild ride in this must-see motorcycle destination.

Fly and Ride

Cruising the open road on a motorcycle offers a totally different perspective of Alaska. With 13 State Scenic Byways and one All America Road, adventuresome riders have plenty of ways to get out into the wild, where the views get better with every bend in the road. 

Riding a motorcycle to Alaska is the ultimate motorcycle adventure, but there are also options for riders short on time. Fly into Anchorage and rent a bike from Alaska Motorcycle Adventures. Get the lay of the land, then hit the open road!

Fields of lupine and fireweed line the highway and paint the surrounding hillsides and valleys. Berries plump and juicy tempt riders to abandon the road for the tasty, natural delight. Glaciers, mountains and wildlife in every direction – touring Alaska on a motorcycle is as invigorating as it is scenic.

The best time to ride in Alaska is June through early September, but be prepared for all kinds of weather and temperatures. If you plan to go it alone, The Milepost is a helpful guide, which provides mile-by-mile descriptions of all major highways and roads in Alaska and northwestern Canada.

Scenic Drives

Ready to see the sights? Each of these scenic trip ideas starts the day in Anchorage, and could have you back in the city in time for dinner.


Whether traveling by air, land or sea, visitors to Anchorage find convenient connections inside Alaska during their travels.