Anchorage Dining Day

Here's some food for thought: Anchorage is your gateway to international cuisines. There are more than 90 languages spoken in the school district, and that diversity is reflected in Anchorage’s culinary scene. Big adventure doesn’t stop at dinner time. Discover a different culture or track down a favorite dish from your last trip abroad. Savor exotic spices, new flavors, and Old-World family recipes from small eateries to larger establishments.


Start the day in European style; curl up in a coffee house with a warm cup of locally roasted coffee and map out the rest of the day. Ask the locals for the latest tips on what’s new. Freshly baked pastries and continental meals fuel your next adventure. If you are staying at an Alaska B&B you can start with a plate that would be at home in any guesthouse


For lunch, take a small bite of a huge continent. Sample sushi, taste Thai or chomp Chinese at Anchorage restaurants. Fresh fish makes for an unforgettable Alaska roll. Or go buffet style and feast in the Far East! Not feeling up for the Western Pacific? Detour to the subcontinent for chicken vindaloo or Tibetan lhasa momos instead.


Put a few stamps in your wine passport with vintages from France and Spain or try a Gewürztraminer from Germany or a West Coast Cabernet. What’s a glass of wine without a food pairing? Grape vines have a long reach; trace tapas through Spain to South America. Find small plates to share or simple, rib-sticking dishes that have followed vineyards from Europe around the world.