Donna Dewhurst

Dall Sheep

High above Turnagain Arm, Dall sheep deftly navigate rocky cliffs of the Chugach Mountains. It’s easy to spot these white sheep against rocky, grassy landscapes, especially when passing travelers point them out from pullouts along the Seward Highway.

Anchorage is home to approximately 1,200 Dall sheep, concentrated in the mountains east of the city. Most of the sheep are ewes, lambs, and young rams, although a few mature rams are occasionally spotted. They rest and browse on steep ledges to elude predators such as coyotes, wolves, and bears.

No need for a climb to spot these alpine acrobats. Take a drive south along scenic Turnagain Arm and watch for them on the steep hillsides, most often around Windy Point – the only place in the world where Dall sheep can be seen close to sea level. When on the way to Whittier, Seward, or the Kenai Peninsula, keep one eye open.

Several sheep call the Alaska Zoo home as well. It’s a great spot to get a good look at these shy sheep before venturing further south on Turnagain Arm.

Turnagain Arm

Witness to famous sailors in the age of exploration, Turnagain Arm remains enticing to modern-day adventurers of all stripes.

Wildlife Viewing

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