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Horseback Riding & Carriage Rides

Sled dog teams may be more iconic in Alaska, but horses played their own role in Gold Rush Alaska. Saddle up in Anchorage for the ride of your life.

Horse Adventures

Horseback riding is a great way to explore Alaska; you’ll have access to places motorized travel can't take you, and see more in a single day than you could on foot. Whether it’s your first time in stirrups or you are an expert equestrian, riding in Alaska gives you a whole new vantage point.

The thunder of hooves echoes down the trail and through Alaska’s valleys. There’s not another human for miles, but you are not alone out there. You’re still with someone who knows this trail backwards and forwards. 

There are more than 10 miles of equestrian trails in Anchorage and once you venture beyond, the possibilities are nearly endless. From Chugach State Park to the shadow of Denali, a sturdy steed opens up places few others will ever tread.

Horses aren’t the only animals you’re likely to see on a ride. After all, this is Alaska! Moose, bears, lynx, coyotes, hawks, owls, and eagles are everywhere, and being up a little higher in the saddle certainly helps the chances of spotting them in the brush.

Gallop across clearings, splash through stream crossings, or trot down wooded trails. Spend an hour learning how to handle a horse, or pack your saddlebags and strike out for the bush on a multiday trek. Getting saddle sore? Hand the reins over and let someone else lead your equine experience. Go dashing through the snow on a sleigh ride followed by a warm cup of cocoa by the fire. Or take in the scenery on a wagon ride through the Alaska Range.

Reaching the end of the day doesn’t mean you’ve reached the end of the trail. Camp out in the wilds of Alaska or snuggle up in a comfy bed back at the ranch and dream of where the ride will take you tomorrow. Giddy up!

Wildlife Viewing

Anchorage is the best place to see Alaska animals. Wildlife viewing here is as close as the moose that munch through the city. It means a flight to...