Wayde Carroll


Alaska is full of surprises — including Anchorage’s sizzling barbecue scene.

BBQ in Anchorage

The city, which boasts the most culturally diverse neighborhood in the United States, is also home to grill masters from across the country and around the world. Local BBQ restaurants and food trucks are seasoned with the expertise to match, and kitchen traditions and recipes from Southern California, Texas, and beyond converge in Anchorage. Savor succulent brisket, catfish grilled to perfection, sauce-covered ribs, crispy chicken, and a spicy variety of finger-licking flavors. Whether you’re craving something that tastes like home or on a mission to try a more adventurous dish, Anchorage BBQ restaurants serve satisfaction on a platter. 

Food Stands

No need to leave the sidewalk for great food. Street food, whether from a reindeer sausage cart or food truck, makes the meal mobile.

Bars & Pubs

Step into a bar or pub in Anchorage, and you'll find plenty to toast. Sophisticated cocktails, fresh Alaska beers and wines of the world are...