Far North Bicentennial Park

Anchorage’s hillside gem, Far North Bicentennial Park sprawls across more than 4,000 acres at the foot of the Chugach Front Range, stretching between Tudor Road to the north and Abbott Road to the south. It’s the largest city park in Anchorage.

Abundant wildlife inhabit the park; keep an eye out for moose, black and brown bears, bald eagles, and the occasional lynx.

With multiple groomed ski trails, popular multi-use trails, and a web of singletrack mountain bike trails, the park offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities throughout the year. Cross-country skiers, cyclists with fat tire bicycles, and mushers fill the park with activity in the winter; in the summer it’s a prime destination for cross-country running, mountain biking, and serene strolls along tree-lined trails with looming mountain views. 

Find easy access to downhill slopes at the Hilltop Ski Area at the park’s southern edge, and manicured garden beds at the Alaska Botanical Garden near the park’s northern border. In between, a network of trails crisscross thick woods and the north and south forks of Campbell Creek. Near the western edge of the park, the Bureau of Land Management’s Campbell Creek Science Center is a resource for student field trips, science education, outdoor activities, and distance education. 

The park also provides convenient trail connections to the adjacent Chugach State Park, located directly to the east. For an all-day adventure with a downhill slope, bring a bike or pair of cross-country skis to the Glen Alps trailhead, then follow the Gasline or Powerline Trail down to Far North Bicentennial Park, where the winding network of trails will bring you to Tudor Road and connections to the University of Alaska Anchorage, Goose Lake, and the Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail, eventually carrying you to Westchester Lagoon in West Anchorage. Far North Bicentennial Park makes the cross-city trip possible.

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