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Unique Alaska products you can find in Anchorage

Anchorage is a treasure trove of interesting and authentic Alaska gifts and souvenirs. Browse art galleries, souvenir and gift stores, as well as craft shows and outdoor markets to find just the right piece to take home. Books by regional authors, gourmet edibles and wild-caught Alaska seafood shipped direct from the source all make excellent gifts.

Alaska Native Art

Woven birch baskets, hand-carved walrus ivory, handmade dolls, masks, jewelry and clothes are among the many works made by Alaska Native peoples. Many galleries in Anchorage work directly with artists. Don’t overlook the gift shops at the Anchorage Museum and Alaska Native Heritage Center, each has fantastic Alaska Native art.

Ulu knives

Perhaps one of the most iconic souvenirs from any Alaska visit, this knife is modeled on a traditional design used for thousands of years by Alaska Native people. Still used to process fish and game, it’s also perfectly suited to chopping nuts, cutting veggies and even slicing pizza. The Ulu Factory makes knives on site, and many Anchorage souvenir and gift stores sell it as well.


What better way to keep warm than with the wool of an animal that stayed toasty through the last ice age? Musk ox wool, known as qiviut, is softer than sheep’s wool. It’s also missing oils that can make other materials itchy. Qiviut is crafted into hats, scarves and smoke rings by a co-operative of Alaska Native knitters. Finished products are sold in many Anchorage shops, and Oomingmak serves as the co-op’s Anchorage outlet.

Natural Soaps

It started as an experiment has bloomed into a successful – and fragrant – business. Denali Dreams Soap Co. crafts Alaska soaps colored with herbs, spices and natural pigments and scented with pure essential and quality fragrance oils. 

Glacial Mud

Some of the finest beauty products owe their existence to Alaska’s mighty glaciers. The icy wonders create a fine, silky soil used in skincare products of Alaska Glacial Mud. Harvested from banks near the Copper River, the mud is used in masks and mineral soaps that leave the skin soft and smooth.

Spirits, Wine and Beer

Speaking of mud, “here’s mud in your eye!” Anchorage is home to some great craft brewers, distillers and even a couple wineries. Take home a bottle. Silver Gulch Brewing even has a shop filling growlers of beer at the Anchorage airport. You can’t consume it on the flight, but you can enjoy the flavors of Alaska long after getting home. There are many breweries, wineries and craft distillers in the region.


Plenty of people enjoy salmon, halibut, crab and shellfish on a visit to Anchorage, but the city is also the best place to send some home. Have your Alaska catch prepped, packed and posted home, or select from fresh-caught seafood brought in hours after it was landed.

Birch Syrup

Maple syrup is a staple of every breakfast table, but Alaska birch syrup lends a different flavor, and goes on more than just pancakes. The bounty of the forest is served up in birch beer, syrup and candies can be shipped right from the source.

Museums & Culture

Anchorage's many museums and historical attractions showcase Alaska’s complex Native, Russian, gold rush and settler history from every imaginable angle.

Alaska Native Cultures

Learn more about Alaska Native lifestyles, beliefs and traditions. Alaska is home to multiple distinct tribes and cultures, and Anchorage is an excellent place for an introduction to the Indigenous...