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Other Chugach Park Trails

Chugach State Park covers approximately 495,000 acres, and there are plenty of trails by which to experience it. Hikers of all ages and skill levels can find breathtaking views and bountiful wilderness access within easy drives of downtown Anchorage. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll across a valley floor or you’re dreaming about spending the morning (or a long weekend) scaling mountains, these Chugach trails deliver.

  • The Upper South Fork Eagle River Trailhead leads hikers into the South Fork Eagle River Valley. Follow the trail across alpine meadows and a rocky glacial moraine — after approximately 5.5 miles, you’ll be ready to dip your feet into the bright blue, glacier-fed waters of adjacent Eagle and Symphony Lake.

  • Situated north of Glen Alps, the Prospect Heights Trailhead opens up to a tangle of trails at the edge of the Chugach. Follow the Wolverine Bowl Trail to reach the Wolverine Peak Trail — a scenic, challenging hike featuring 3,500 feet of elevation gain on the 4.7-mile trail to the summit.

  • The Eklutna Lake Trail System includes both rambling level paths and ridge trails with soaring views. Stretching 12.9 miles one way, the Eklutna Lakeside Trail traces the shore, eventually leading to the moraines of Eklutna Glacier. The 4.2-mile Bold Peak Trail (which doesn’t begin until mile 5 of the Eklutna Lakeside Trail), climbs 3,600 feet for broad views of the deep blue lake, the adjacent glacier, and its namesake Bold Peak. For a shorter climb, try the 2.6-mile Twin Peaks Trail, which climbs 1,800 feet and features occasional encounters with Dall sheep above the timberline. 

  • For those looking for a multi-day trek, the 23.1-mile Crow Pass Trail cuts a picturesque path through Chugach State Park, winding and climbing its way between Girdwood and Eagle River. The trail features panoramic views of Raven Glacier, a river crossing, and several challenging sections — hikers should come prepared with essential backcountry equipment, proper experience (or experienced hiking partners), and knowledge of the route (find more preliminary information here). With the right preparation, the trip is worth every step. 

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