Roy Neese

Flowers in Anchorage

Stop and smell the flowers. During the summer, when the daylight seems endless, dazzling displays of 80,000 flowers fill hanging baskets and flowerbeds in parks and along city streets. Stop and smell the roses, literally! Tour some of the biggest and brightest annuals in Anchorage.


Start at the Visit Anchorage Information Center in downtown Anchorage. Surrounded by gorgeous beds, the cabin has a sod roof that grows Jacob's Ladder and wild onions. A short walk takes you to Town Square Park, where huge blooms fill 15 beds. Cruise to the Delaney Park Strip and smell 150 fragrant tea rose bushes in the Centennial Rose Garden and another 4,000 dazzling annuals scattered throughout the park.


Spend the afternoon with arctic horticulture and native plants in a 110-acre spruce and birch woodland at the Alaska Botanical Garden. With more than 1,100 species of hardy perennials, and 150 native plant species, you can experience the abundance of the summer arctic growing season and learn about flora native to Southcentral Alaska.


Flowers aren’t the only thing with an attractive scent. Feast on fresh, sizzling local seafood or enjoy a local brew, catch up with friends on an outdoor deck and dine with a view. Spend the night out on the town!


Surround yourself with the bright sights and sweet scents of Alaska flora, blossoming in beds and baskets around the city.