Nicole Geils

Prince William Sound

Shielded from the Gulf of Alaska by a string of islands, the protected waters of Prince William Sound hold dozens of glaciers. Massive tidewater glaciers roll down to the water. With a crack, a rumble and a splash, massive bergs calve from the ice and throw up huge clouds of spray. The Harriman Expedition and naturalist John Muir first described the glacial wonders of Prince William Sound after their voyage in 1899.

Today the sound is wide open for exploration by boat. The port town of Whittier is the starting point for exploration. Day cruises sail the sound for the best views of glaciers and marine life like seals, sea lions, and otters. College Fjord – with glaciers named for Ivy League universities – Blackstone Bay, and Surprise and Barry Glacier in Harriman Fjord are among the stops not to be missed.

For a more personal visit, guided kayaking and even jet skiing is a great way to venture into Passage Canal and Blackstone Bay. Each is another way to get close to the wildlife and ice along the coastline.