Where can I store and ship fish in Anchorage?

There are a number of processing, storage and shipping options for your seafood in Anchorage.

10th & M Seafood will process, store and even ship fish home for you. They have two store locations and offer storage for frozen product in boxes 50 pounds and under with daily and weekly rates.

Alaska Sausage and Seafood also can also pack fish and ship. If you’re interested in turning salmon into smoked or kippered Alaska, Alaska Sausage & Seafood can also prepare fish in a variety of way for a modest additional cost and a little extra time. Shipping is available via FedEx.

For short-term storage, there’s also storage at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. Visitors with a few hours or a day can store their luggage (and fish) at the airport.  There are two options inside the airport in the South Terminal:

-Huntleigh USA is on level 1, next to baggage carousel 4. Call (907) 248-0373 for details.

-Alaska Luggage & Seafood Shipping Services is located on the second level across from the TSA checkpoint. Passengers can store fish in the freezer, have the company ship fish home or even order fish and have it sent to home. Call (907) 644-8256 for details.

Note that both airport options require presentation of a boarding pass and identification for storage. 

If you plan to fish primarily in Seward, J-Dock Seafood is a good option for fish processing. They can cut and clean fish dockside, then pack and ship to your home via FedEx.


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