Ashley Johnston

Locally Made

Buy Local. Alaskans take pride in locally made products. From familiar farm foods – carrots, potatoes and cabbage, to items found only in Alaska – fireweed syrup, musk ox woolen wear and Alaska’s iconic knife, the ulu, you can find the fruits of Alaska in Anchorage markets. Or, roll up your sleeves and reap the benefits.


Meet Alaska’s farmers at the Anchorage Market and Festival or one of many farmers markets spread across the city and find out the trick to growing big gourds and monster cabbages. The long summer hours play their part, but there are more tips and tricks to pick up. If all the veggie chat has made you hungry, grab some corn fritters or a reindeer dog at one of the food stalls.


Not all of Alaska’s harvest comes from the ground. Head down the hill to Ship Creek, one of Alaska’s most popular sport fisheries. Nestled downtown, the stream surges with king and silver salmon at the height of summer.  If you’ve missed those runs, fear not. The rainbow trout are jumping farther upstream and in Anchorage’s lakes.


When you get home, you can whip up an Alaska-size feast with all your finds of the day. But why not pick up a few prep tips as long as you are here? Most chefs will know exactly where your fish was caught and who picked the veggies – and that’s if he didn’t have a hand in it personally! Be sure to sample an Alaska-made beer or spirits from a nearby distillery.