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Gift Shops

Pick up the perfect present for a friend, or take home an Alaska treasure for yourself: Anchorage gift shops have what you’re looking for.

Anchorage Gift Shops

Find original Alaska artworks, handcrafted jewelry, traditional tools like the distinctive ulu (a type of knife originally used by Alaska Native women), luxurious furs, and knitwear made from qiviut, the soft underwool shed by Alaska musk ox. Savor edible gifts ranging from smoked salmon or candied wild salmon to locally made chocolate or beer, and browse a wide selection of affordable souvenirs to fit every taste and budget. Anchorage gift shops put all of Alaska at your fingertips.


When you are exploring the great outdoors, don’t forget to spend time exploring the great indoors. The wide variety of products available in...

Made in Anchorage

Anchorage is a treasure trove of interesting and authentic Alaska gifts and souvenirs. Browse art galleries, souvenir and gift stores, as well as...