3 Days
Bike Path
Botanical Garden
Starts:  Elderberry Park
Ends:  Ship Creek Trail
Travel by:
 bicycle  drive  foot

On Wheels

Peddle through wooded city parks, watch for urban wildlife, and stop to visit some of Anchorage’s most unique natural attractions. Exploring Anchorage by bike offers a different perspective on Alaska’s largest city, from coastal views to forest trails.

Day 1

Rent a bike in downtown Anchorage, then head to Elderberry Park to enjoy a picnic lunch then access the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. Follow the trail along the coast to Westchester Lagoon, which offers convenient connections to the Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail. Take a detour to explore the Chester Creek Greenbelt, or continue along the Coastal Trail to Earthquake Park. Read about the history of the area known as Nen Ghiłgedi, or “rotten land” in the original Dena’ina Athabascan language, then continue the final 2.6 miles to Point Woronzof, which offers perfect sunset views and a trail leading down to the Cook Inlet beach.

Retrace the 5-mile trail back to downtown.

Day 2

Drive or bike the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail out to Kincaid Park, 1,400 acres of forest, hills, ski, and singletrack bike trails. Pack a picnic, then spend a day riding the winding, looping, light-dappled routes through the woods, stopping for occasional moose crossings and jaw-dropping views of Cook Inlet and distant Mount Susitna. Watch for trail connections leading to the beach below, an unbeatable way to experience the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge.

Day 3

Know Before You Go
The Campbell Creek Trail stretches 7.4 miles through neighborhoods and greenbelts, making it ideal for a short excursion or longer bike ride.
Featuring Wildlife Botanical Garden Museum
Average Duration: 
Full Day
Anchorage Gardens

Connect with the Campbell Creek Trail for a tree-lined tour through urban Anchorage, dotted by frequent opportunities to see salmon or other wildlife in area creeks and lakes. Head east, explore trails in the Campbell Park greenbelt, then make your way to the Campbell Airstrip Trailhead, a mile away from the Alaska Botanical Garden. (Traveling by car? Start at the garden).

Take a minute to smell the flowers, then follow city streets north to the Alaska Museum of Science and Nature, which offers a family-friendly, hands-on introduction to Alaska’s engrossing natural history. 

A short (and walkable) bike boulevard connects the museum to the Ship Creek Trail; from there, it’s a quick 2.5-mile ride (or scenic stroll) to King’s Landing and downtown Anchorage. Watch for salmon swimming in the creek, bald eagles soaring overhead, and Alaska Railroad trains passing as they approach or depart the nearby downtown rail depot.