Ashley Heimbigner

Are there Igloos in Alaska?

Igloos are not a common sight in Alaska. Igloos were traditionally used by Inuit communities in Arctic regions of Greenland and Canada. Alaska’s Indigenous people built dwellings using materials and methods unique to their surroundings and habitat.

To see traditional structures and learn more about Alaska Native cultures, plan a visit to the Alaska Native Heritage Center and the Anchorage Museum.

An Alaska Igloo

The fantasy of living in an igloo is just as real for many locals. For those who grew up in cold climates, who doesn't remember being a kid, spending hours in the cold building snow forts in their backyard?

That may have been the inspiration for Leon Smith's vision when he began construction of his igloo-shaped hotel in the late 1970s. The huge, 80-foot-tall structure wasn't built from blocks of snow or ice but plywood and insulation. Known as Igloo City, located at mile 214.5 a remote section of the Parks Highway, south of Denali National Park. The four-story building, now abandoned for over four decades, never became a functioning hotel due to building code issues. However, many locals and visitors alike hope for a revival of the iconic landmark someday. The site is a worthy photo-op on a long day trip or weekend drive out of Anchorage.


Dine in an Anchorage Igloo

Hoping to see an igloo on your Alaska adventure? Anchorage offers a few unique options for outdoor dining with a twist: Head to the Matanuska Brewing Company to enjoy lunch or dinner in a heated private igloo.

Visit Favorite Decks, Patios & Outdoor Seating in Anchorage to find even more outside seating options.

Alaska Native Cultures

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Museums & Culture

Anchorage's many museums and historical attractions showcase Alaska’s complex Native, Russian, gold rush and settler history from every imaginable angle.