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Visit Anchorage Annual Report

2022 In Review

Anchorage continued a trajectory of growth, all while navigating a host of ancillary issues - workforce shortages, supply delays, and rising costs among them. While cross-gulf cruise returned, demand in 2022 was lower than historical norms, averaging 75% of total capacity. Independent travelers continued to be a critical majority of visitation to Anchorage, with pent-up demand for travel, stated desire for Alaska's type of products, experiences, and offerings, and - particularly encouraging - stated interest and intent to travel for Alaska and Anchorage specifically all bolstering returns from tourism.

A full recap of 2022 was presented as part of the Report to the Community presented on February 2, 2023.

2023 Outlook

Indications for Anchorage tourism in 2023 suggest the community will be able to build on last year's gains. Intent to travel nationally remains high, even when faced with some economic uncertainty and concerns - from travelers and businesses - about rising costs. Anecdotal evidence from hotels, from tour guides, and others, suggests stronger advance bookings for 2023 at the start of the year than at the same time the year prior.

Anchorage can anticipate strong flight capacity for 2023, and better occupancy on cruises arriving and departing Southcentral ports of Seward and Whittier.

Looking at meetings booked for 2023, the estimated economic impact is likely to rise to in line with historical norms. Meetings bookings for 2024 and beyond are pacing well.

The appetite for Alaska travel is still strong, and Anchorage goes into the year with the biggest and best slate of programs and promotions ever to capitalize on the interest. We’re in a good place from a capacity perspective coming into the region to take advantage of the situation.

Visit Anchorage Financials

2022 Balance Sheet

Net Assets - Balance Forward: $10,197,880
Restricted Investments: $101,726
Net Capital Assets: $2,139,825

Current Liabilities: $1,340,462

Total Assets: $13,482,997


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