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Visit Anchorage Annual Report

2020 In Review

In 2020, Visit Anchorage remained engaged with potential visitors, supported partners and clients in an ever-evolving situation, and worked to preserve and advocate on behalf of the industry.

The pandemic had immediate, huge, negative outcomes for Outside visitation. Anchorage’s airport saw a 57% drop in passengers in 2020. Annual hotel demand was down 33% year over year, and hotel revenue for the year was down approximately 52%. Cancelled 2020 meetings meant $13 million in lost economic impact, though two thirds of that business rebooked for future years – preserving more than $9 million in future economic benefit.

In addition to support for business and advocacy for our industry, Visit Anchorage laid the groundwork for a return to travel. By investing in new research, messaging, and collateral during the decline in travel, Anchorage now has an enhanced “toolbox” to put us on the best footing for the eventual resumption of leisure and business travel. More detail on 2020 outcomes and 2021 forecasting is available in the Report to the Community, presented February 4, 2021.

The work done in 2020 to prepare for the return of travel put the community on the best possible footing to realize gains in 2021, and make progress toward a full recovery in the years ahead.


Fielding traveler research, resident sentiment, and new advertising concept testing.

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Creating and curating new video, images, and items to appeal to shifting consumer tastes identified in Analyze.

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Updating Visit Anchorage print and digital assets to incorporate honed messages and new imagery.


Engaging the most likely future travelers and key messaging amplifiers to spark desire for Anchorage travel when the time is right.

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2021 Outlook

This summer Anchorage can anticipate gains compared to 2020, though a full recovery is likely farther off. The desire to travel is a person-by-person decision right now, and among the destination's likely customers, there’s a mix of outlooks: some people ready to go and some who aren’t ready to travel yet.

Attracting independent travelers is going to be more important than ever in 2021. Visit Anchorage will continue promotional and marketing programs that attract independent travelers to the community in the near term. There is rising consumer optimism, pent-up demand for travel, stated desire for Alaska's type of products, experiences, and offerings, and - particularly encouraging - stated interest and intent to travel for Alaska and Anchorage specifically, either this year or soon. Anchorage can expect robust air capacity, with direct flights from key markets, and enticing fares as well.

Visit Anchorage Financials

2020 Balance Sheet

Current Assets: $6,100,813
Restricted Investments: $101,688
Net Capital Assets: $122,567
Total Assets: $6,325,069

Current Liabilities: $1,287,453
Net Assets: $5,037,616
Total Liabilities & Net Assets: $6,325,069


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