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Wayde Carroll

Staff Directory

President's Office

Julie Saupe
President & CEO

Gretchen Kime
Executive Assistant

Anita Nelson
Public Affairs & Corporate Giving 

Ed Rutledge, MBA, CMA

Nedra Anderson
Human Resource Manager

Shawn Bass
Information Systems Manager

Kerri Dowd
Accounting Specialist

Autumn Liston

Community, Member & Visitor Relations

Steve Halloran
Vice President of Community, Member & Visitor Relations

Brenda Carlson
Visitor Services Director

Angela Arturo
Membership & Advertising Sales Director 

Spiff Chambers
Membership & Advertising Sales Manager

Clare Kreilkamp
Membership &Advertising Sales Manager

Catherine Mullins
Member Benefits Manager

Casey Karn
CMVR Assistant

Convention and Meeting Sales & Service

Julie Dodds
Vice President, Convention Sales

Cindi DeClue
Convention Sales Operations Manager

Mike Lessley
Convention Sales Manager

Christina Lewis
Convention Sales Manager

Marlene Geils
Convention Sales Manager

Andrea Schmidt
Convention Sales Manager

Shelli Stanton
Convention Sales Manager

Cherise Arola
Convention Sales Manager (Statewide)

Kathie Evingson
Convention Services Manager

Monica Moser
Convention Services Coordinator 

Jackie Englund
Convention Sales & Service Assistant

Ava Kelley
Convention Sales & Service Assistant

Tourism Development & Sales

David Kasser
Vice President of Tourism Development & Sales

Marsha Barton
Tourism Sales Manager

Tia Froehle
Tourism Sales Manager

Dawn Campbell
Tourism Sales Manager

Juno Kim
Tourism Sales Manager

Ruth Rosewarne-Kimerer
Tourism Sales Manager

Victoria Passauer
Tourism Development & Sales Assistant


James Minton
Vice President of Communications

Lilly Kelly
Marketing Director

Jack Bonney
Content Development Manager

Sarah Mattie
Production Manager

Michelle Brown
Graphic Designer

Teri Hendricks
Communications Operations Manager