Tourism Pays for Anchorage

Anchorage tourism benefits residents and the community at large, not to mention local business. The gains reach hotels and restaurants, sure, but also many other business and industries supporting travel. Learn more about the tourism industry in Alaska including fast facts, spending, revenue and benefits here.

Tourism Employs – 1 in 9 Anchorage jobs is in tourism.
Tourism Sustains – Each year, travelers contribute more than $50 million in local hotel and car rental taxes to the Municipality of Anchorage.
Tourism Provides – Visitors spend hundreds of millions of dollars in Anchorage annually, on top of what they pay for a cruise or airfare.
Tourism Improves – Visitation helps expand the number of cities connected to Anchorage by airlines, and helps local businesses – from restaurants to retailers and beyond – rise, thrive, and expand.
Tourism Connects – Tourism links Alaskans to the globe, sharing our stories, traditions, and lifestyles and discovering those of others.

Bed Tax

Anchorage's bed tax puts money into the municipal general fund, powers destination marketing to generate...