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Sign Up For the Anchorage Neighborhood Challenge

How much fun can you fit into Alaska’s largest city? Find more opportunities for adventure with the Anchorage Neighborhood Challenge. It’s simple — sign up, then navigate somewhere new. Check in at listed parks, trails, and other locations, check out surrounding restaurants and local businesses along the way, then win cool prizes to commemorate the journey. See more of the city. Experience neighborhoods all over town. The more places you go, the more points you accumulate, and the more prizes you earn. Head out, check in, and win — it’s that easy.

Every Check-In Earns Participants 100 Points


Experience Passes_Prize_Level 1 Visit Anchorage_Prize_Level 2 Visit Anchorage_Prize_Level 3

100 points

Visit Anchorage sticker.

300 points

Anchorage notebook with artwork by local artists. 

500 points

Anchorage Neighborhood Challenge logo water bottle.

Participants who earn 300 points are automatically entered into a grand prize drawing to win a $100 gift card to Kaladi Brothers Coffee.

Prizes available while supplies last. Prizes may vary based on availability. With the exception of the grand prize, prizes must be redeemed in person. Prizes must be redeemed by the pass expiration date: March 10, 2024

Make sure to tag #VisitAnchorage on your social posts for a chance to be featured in our Neighborhood Challenge gallery.


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