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Media Kit

This is the place for Anchorage fact sheets, background information and signature events. For up-to-the-minute information, be certain to check our news releases and watch our “what’s new” section.

Story Ideas

With 1,961 square miles of land, hundreds of miles of trails, Alaska wildlife roaming the city and Alaska’s most accessible glaciers nearby, Anchorage has almost as many story ideas as it does moose.

Anchorage Facts & Figures

Anchorage might appear at first glance to be a typical American city, but closer exploration shows some surprising facets of urban life in Alaska. The city’s 300,000 human residents share their space with an estimated 1,500 moose, not to mention bald eagles, bears, beavers,...

Photos & Videos

Visit Anchorage offers high-resolution images and professional-quality stock video footage containing scenic shots, outdoor activities, etc.

Tourism Research & Visitor Statistics

Visit Anchorage is the source for information and research on Anchorage’s visitor industry. Contact the communications staff for specific inquiries related to Anchorage tourism.