To prep for 2021, Alaska businesses gathered for a multi-part workshop dedicated to drawing fully independent travelers. The workshop included in-depth research findings, new marketing tools and techniques, and insights from local industry leaders and other experts.

Part 1: A moderated panel discussion with Alaska tour operators highlighted what worked in 2020, and what to expect in 2021. Land-based itineraries, fly/drive options, small groups, and
private tours offer COVID-conscious alternatives for visitors navigating pandemic-related closures and cancellations. View part 1 of the presentation.

Part 2: Market research firm Destination Analysts offered a dive into the mindset of likely travelers, including what independent visitors are looking for in a destination, what their concerns about travel may be, and how to mitigate those concerns. A comprehensive overview of Visit Anchorage’s current sales and marketing strategy shows how we’re leveraging the latest research to work for Alaska businesses. View part 2 of the presentation.

Part 3: Reviewed current safety standards, best practices, and the Healthy Anchorage Pledge — a suite of information and tools vital for helping fully independent. View part 3 of the presentation.