Golden midnight sunsets. Sprawling mountain ridges ripe for adventure. The return of wild salmon, thick berry patches, and other natural bounties. There’s nothing quite like summer in Alaska — and there’s nothing better than soaking it all up with friends and family.

Make plans to make memories. If you call Anchorage home, invite your out-of-state loved ones to safely spend a summer vacation in the city: Catch up while casting a line at Ship Creek or Bird Creek, sharing a fresh flight at a neighborhood brewery, or filling up on fresh air on a favorite hiking trail. Need an unforgettable angle? Here are a few creative ways to extend an invitation:

  1. Share a taste of home

    Pair an Alaska invitation with a few homemade blueberry muffins, some of that smoked salmon you’ve been saving, or a package of those spicy local reindeer sausage. Treats like these evoke images of warm summer days, cool salmon streams, and city weekends scented with the mouthwatering aroma of downtown food carts flipping sausages on the grill. It’s time to enjoy it together. 

  2. Inspire with a postcard

    Pick cards depicting your favorite local views or the work of an Alaska artist you admire, then share details about the summer itinerary you’d love to experience with visitors. Too much to fit into one card? Anchorage is a big place, so it makes sense — you should probably send several.

  3. Mail a guide

    The Official Guide to Anchorage is free, and packed with ideas and practical information for planning a trip to Anchorage. Send one straight to your friends and family members, or order one for yourself, bookmark all your top itineraries and activities, then send this bucket list book to your friends or family members along with a personalized invitation to come visit. 

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