Matt Tunseth

Matt Tunseth is a freelance writer from Anchorage, Alaska. He is one of Alaska’s more prolific newspaper writers and photographers. Although he hasn’t seen everything, he is actively working on it! He’s covered Alaska sled dog races, elections, and Little League games. He is also an avid mountain runner, an enthusiastic fact-checker, and is endlessly seeking new challenges and opportunities.

On the Lookout for Adventure at Glen Alps

I almost never know where I’m going when I get to the Glen Alps parking lot, yet somehow I always manage to find myself exactly where I want to be. Sometimes a long jog out Powerline Pass leads me to an encounter with a stealthy coyote; others it’s an after-work quad blaster up Flattop Mountain…

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24 Hours in Anchorage: The City That Never Sleeps In

If New York is the city that never sleeps, Anchorage is the municipality that never sleeps in. Ask the locals. On summertime weekends, it’s common for folks to get up far earlier than usual in order to take advantage of every possible hour of recreational opportunity. And if you’ve got enough…

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