South Fork Falls (Barbara Falls)

South Fork Falls_Barbara Falls_Eagle River_AK
1.3 ml
.35 hr
190 ft

Best Time of Year: Jan 01

A 1.3-mile out-and-back trail near Eagle River, Alaska. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 35 min to complete. This is a very popular area for hiking, so you'll likely encounter other people while exploring.

This route starts at a gate at the bottom of Ken Logan Circle. In summer it can be muddy and in the winter icy. To get to the base of the falls from the overlook, backtrack to the bridge over South Fork Eagle River, cross it, and hang an immediate left up the river to the base of the falls.

When passing through private property easements and right-of-ways it is especially important to stay on the path and respect posted guidance. Local officials and private landowners work in partnership to provide public access to this area. Staying on the path while on private property ensures that agreements between local officials and the landowner are upheld and that this trail remains open to the public in the future.

Features: Kid friendly, Hiking, Dog friendly, Forest, River, Views, Waterfall, Wildflowers, Wildlife

Dogs: Welcome, may be off-leash in some areas.

This hidden gem in Eagle River boasts an amazingly beautiful frozen waterfall (in winter). If you plan to visit in the winter, I highly recommend bringing ice cleats for better traction.

Directions below for a amazing view at the foot of the falls (instead of the overlook)

1) Head north of Anchorage along AK-1 and get off at the Eagle River Loop exit. Merge right onto Eagle River Loop Rd. 2) Drive 0.2 miles to Hiland Rd. and turn right. 3) Continue on Hiland Rd. for a little more than 3 miles and turn left onto River View Dr. (River View Dr. will turn into Waterfall Dr.) 4) Continue onward until you run into River Park Dr. Turn right on River Park Dr. 5) A little ways down there will be a fork. Take the left fork, Ken Logan Circle. 6) The parking lot has many NO PARKING signs but you should be able to find an open spot in between the signs. 7) At the end of Ken Logan Circle, there will be a closed gate. Go past the gate along the trail (it's ok to pass). 8) Follow the trail for a short distance until you come up to a walking bridge that crosses the river. 9) IMPORTANT: Instead of crossing the bridge, look for a beaten path on the right side just before the bridge. 10) Follow this trail upstream. In a matter of minutes you'll be at the base of the waterfall.