Hotel Captain Cook


In Anchorage, luxury accommodations come with something extra — think sweeping mountain views, up-close access to world-class wild spaces, and distinct Alaska amenities like aurora borealis wakeup calls or a nordic spa nestled in a peaceful and gorgeous glacial valley.

Luxury Accommodations in Anchorage

 The crown jewel is always the unforgettable natural splendor, and Anchorage’s luxury hotel and resort accommodations keep it front and center. Enjoy all the premier comforts you’d expect from a top-of-the-line hotel, plus only-in-Alaska oceanfront or mountainside settings, unbeatable wilderness access, and warm northern hospitality. Anchorage luxury hotels are base camps for exceptional Alaska adventures, creating a premium experience guests won’t find anywhere else.

Fine Dining

Fine dining in Anchorage welcomes world cuisine and cooks up the freshest Alaska ingredients in a sophisticated atmosphere.