Anchorage is an angler’s Eden, with plentiful lake fishing opportunities found throughout and surrounding the city. Many bodies of water are regularly stocked by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and fishermen can cast a line for everything from coho salmon to rainbow trout, Arctic char, and grayling. 

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  1. Beach Lake: Best fished from a canoe or inflatable raft, this 90.4-acre lake was last stocked with rainbow trout in 2020. A 30-minute drive north of downtown Anchorage, lake access is via South Birchwood Loop Road to Beach Lake Road. 

  2. Campbell Point Lake: Located at the edge of Kincaid Park in West Anchorage, this 8.5-acre lake was stocked with rainbow trout and Arctic char in 2020. Access via Raspberry Road. 

  3. Cheney Lake: Restocked with rainbow trout and coho salmon in 2020, this accessible 24.5-acre East Anchorage lake also features a picnic area and playground. Access via Beaver Place. 

  4. DeLong Lake: Situated just east of Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, this 20.3-acre lake was restocked with rainbow trout, Arctic grayling, and coho salmon this year, and anglers can launch canoes and inflatable boats from the handicap-accessible dock. Access via Jewel Lake Road. 

  5. Edmonds Lake: Last stocked with rainbow trout in 2020, Edmonds Lake covers 52.4 acres just north of neighboring Mirror Lake – far enough away to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, close enough to be back in time for lunch. Access via Paradise Lane. 

  6. Jewel Lake: The popular 27.2-acre Jewel Lake is stocked with coho salmon and rainbow trout, and offers a playground, a picnic area, and two access points for anglers. Access from both Jewel Lake Road and 88th Avenue. 

  7. Lake Otis: Nearly every Anchorage resident has gone for a drive down Lake Otis Parkway, but far fewer have fished the waters of the road’s namesake lake. Stocked with rainbow trout in 2020, the 9.6-acre lake is tucked into a neighborhood just west of the University of Alaska Anchorage campus. Access via Carlson Park, with parking available along Stanford Drive.  

  8. Mirror Lake: The Chugach Mountains provide a scenic backdrop for this 64.5-acre lake near the northern edge of the municipality. Stocked with rainbow trout in 2020, it’s an ideal place for casting a line, savoring the summer weather, and even taking a spin on the adjacent single-track mountain bike trails. 

  9. Sand Lake: Most recently stocked with rainbow trout and Arctic char in 2020, the lake covers 72.6 acres in West Anchorage, just north of nearby Jewel Lake. Access via Sand Lake Park. 

  10. Taku Campbell Lake: Offering plentiful shore fishing opportunities and easy access off King Street, the 11.9-acre Taku Campbell Lake was restocked with rainbow trout and Arctic grayling in 2020.