You never need to travel far to enjoy a spectacular spring break in Anchorage. Families can find opportunities for outdoor adventure, hands-on activities, special excursions, and rest and relaxation in every corner of town. How much fun can you fit into a week? Find out; start here.

  1. Sledding

    Build up some momentum with a morning (or afternoon) of sledding at Arctic Valley Tubing Park or other popular sledding hills around Anchorage. With more than a dozen from which to choose, there’s a slope for everyone. 

  2. Downhill skiing

    Treat yourself to a ski-cation without ever leaving the city limits. Anchorage is home to three dreamy downhill ski areas, featuring views of the Chugach Mountains, Cook Inlet, and beyond. Enjoy some elevation while speeding into spring break. 

  3. Relax at a local hotel

    Pool, check. Room service, check. Sleeping in, watching movies, and soaking up a change of scenery. Check, check, check! You don’t need to catch a flight to enjoy a little pampering, and Anchorage-area hotels make it easy to treat yourself. 

  4. Dive into the Discovery Center

    The Anchorage Museum's Discovery Center gives guests the chance to learn about Alaska and the Arctic through technology, interactive installations, artwork, marine-life tanks and more. The space is divided into several distinct areas, each providing an opportunity to learn about our Northern environment. 

  5. Kick back with critters

    Go wild with your favorite animals at the Alaska Zoo and Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Mingle with moose, socialize with seals, or visit with bears and bison – Anchorage is the perfect place to plan a DIY wildlife watching safari.  

  6. Savor a world dining tour

    Try a new restaurant each day, sampling all the delicious dishes Anchorage has to offer, from Vietnamese food to German fare and everything in between. School might be out for the week, but it’s always a good time to learn about the diverse cultures and cuisines that make Anchorage so special.  

  7. All about amusement

    Try an escape room, visit a rock gym, try a virtual reality experience, or bounce into fun at a local trampoline park. In Anchorage, the options are as big as Alaska itself.  

  8. Take a tour

    Snowmachine or hike to a glacier, chase the northern lights, go dog sledding or ice fishing. Spring break is the perfect chance to try something new. 

  9. Hit the trail

    Rent a fat bike, grab some skis, strap on a pair of snowshoes, or lace up your boots for a stroll. By March 7, Anchorage will enjoy more than 11 hours of daylight, leaving lots of time for exploring a path through a city park or a Chugach State Park trail. 

  10. Shop ‘til you drop

    Find Made in Alaska treasures and a whole variety of unique gifts and goods at Anchorage stores and shops. It’s the season of spring cleaning — which means it might also be time to refresh your home or wardrobe with some unique locally made materials.