From a long weekend to a whole week’s worth of Alaska adventures, Anchorage is filled with wonderful experiences. As a self-guided road trip or the framework for a custom tour, this ultimate itinerary leads the way. Just start with day 1 and follow it for as many days as you have in Anchorage.

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A Long Weekend in Alaska

You've got just three full days to visit. Start with the essentials, and stick to the list of must-sees in Anchorage.

Day 1

Board a bright red ride with Anchorage Trolley Tours for a one-hour circuit packed with seaplanes, Anchorage history, off-the-radar quirks and plenty of Alaska anecdotes.

Dive into Alaska Native design, historic and contemporary local art, Alaska science and thought-provoking special exhibits. The Anchorage Museum is a great introduction to Alaska.

Downtown draws more than people. Thousands of king and silver salmon return to Ship Creek each summer. Rent a rod on site, or watch the action from viewing platforms spanning the stream.

What visit to Alaska is complete without a seafood dinner? Celebrate the first night by sampling salmon, having halibut, or cracking into crab.

Day 2

The Chugach Mountains are Anchorage’s outdoor playground. Glen Alps Trailhead is a great introduction to area trails. You’ll have a bird’s eye view of the city, the inlet, and even Denali.

Meet local creatures like moose, bears, wolves and musk oxen at the Alaska Zoo.

Toast the city’s beers with a stop at one of its dozen breweries. Cynosure, Turnagain and Midnight Sun are among those clustered in the city’s “Beermuda Triangle.”

Day 3

Spend a day exploring the mountain town of Girdwood, once known simply as “Glacier City.”

The aerial tram at Alyeska Resort flies up steep slopes for views of Turnagain Arm and seven named glaciers.

Follow Winner Creek Trail through the northern, coastal rainforest. There’s a hand-pulled tram spanning the rushing waters.

Pan for gold at Crow Creek Mine or Indian Valley Mine, two of the most productive claims in the area.

Get eye-to-eye with animals including wolves, black and brown bears, wood bison, moose and porcupines at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage.

Take a one hour cruise to Portage Glacier, or head through the tunnel to Whittier for a longer foray with glacial giants.

5 Days in Alaska

Add a couple more days, and the possibilities really open up. With some extra time, it's easier to live like a local, and venture a little further to see the sights beyond the horizon.

Day 4

Alaska Native Heritage Center best shares the Alaska Native cultures from the Arctic to the Alaska Panhandle.

Bike the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail for shore views, serene scenes, and chance meetings with moose residing in the city.

Westchester Lagoon is an urban oasis at the nexus for paved trails, stop for a little bird watching.

Day 5

Take off for adventure. Flightseeing tours leave Lake Hood or Merrill Field. Explore the mountains and wildlife of the Chugach Range, soar above glaciers, visit iconic bear viewing spots, or even circle Denali in a day.

Explore pioneering aircraft at the Alaska Aviation Museum on the shores of Lake Hood.

An evening visit to Kincaid Park is the best chance to spot moose or even bears inside the city. Look for them on the drive in and out of the park, and carve out time to take in the scenery from the chalet.

A Week-long Trip to Alaska

With a full week to explore, you'll be able to see it all. But don't be surprised if you still find leaving at the end difficult. Ask an Alaskan how they first arrived. Odds are, they just fell in love with the place on what was meant as a temporary stay!

Day 6

Board the Alaska Railroad. Their Glacier Discovery train makes the trip to Spencer Whistle Stop. It's like getting your own, private glacier for the day.

Make the most of your visit with a float tour of the Placer River or kayak and trek combo to Spencer Glacier.

Day 7

Go deeper into the Chugach. McHugh Creek Trailhead welcomes with a waterfall, and links to other nearby trails.

Enjoy the peaceful setting of Eklutna Lake, Thunderbird Falls or the Eagle River Nature Center north of the city.

Take a peaceful stroll at the Alaska Botanical Garden. Walk the gardens of perennials, herbs, trees and wildflowers in the Chugach foothills.

Bid Alaska farewell with a late evening meal. Outdoor decks take advantage of the midnight sun. You’re boarding soon, so don’t wait up for sunset!