With tourism returns looking strong for 2018, and positive signs for performance in the year ahead, Visit Anchorage presented the annual Report to the Community on January 17, 2019.

President & CEO Julie Saupe focused on what's in store for the local tourism sector in 2019. New flights and increased frequency or larger aircraft on existing routes combine for an additional 50,000 seats on summer flights to Anchorage. Cruise capacity coming across the Gulf of Alaska to Seward and Whittier is expected to grow as well, up another 12 percent for 2019, on top of growth the prior season.

Saupe also focused on destination development, and future initiatives to help ensure Anchorage is the kind of place people want to visit and by extension the kind of place we all want to live and do business. Detailed company reporting for 2018 will be provided in the Visit Anchorage annual report due in May.

The 2019 Report to the Community remarks from Saupe's presentation are available online.