Almost all U.S. travelers own a mobile phone, and 68 percent of travelers use their mobile device to plan trips. But mobile usage rates vary greatly by age, and enthusiasm for mobile devices in planning may be cooling off among some of the most fervent users.

The Destination Analysts report "State of the American Traveler: Mobile Edition" explores travelers’ use of mobile devices in planning and executing their trips. 

 Laptops and desktop computers still dominates planning before travelers depart, but a greater chunk is consumed by mobile each year.

Mobile usage jumps significantly for finding information while on the trip itself, and has doubled since 2015. On a side note, print travel source usage increases while on the trip too.

Younger travelers are more likely to be mobile devotees. But the preference for a mobile device in trip planning actually dropped among the youngest travelers in the last year.

An executive summary of the study is available from Destination Analysts.