In terms of hotel revenue, 2021 was one of the best, possibly the best, Octobers, with STR reporting just above $20 million in revenue for Anchorage area hotels. Demand increased 32% year over year, and even rose slightly above 2019 levels.

ADR continues to be the primary driver of revenue averaging $128 a night in October. Demand has also proved surprisingly resilient in what is typically a quieter season. Broadly speaking, high rate locally mirrors national trends. There's some speculation that nationally this could be in part tied to increased labor and overhead costs. For Anchorage it could mean results have at least as much to do with national economic conditions as they do with visitation.

While October demand of more than 156,000 room nights neared parity with October 2019, it remains short of all-time records for the month set in October 2014 and 2015.