Published in partnership with some of the most recognizable names in travel, a series of sponsored articles helped spread the word about Anchorage to prospective travelers around the globe this summer. 

The articles were part of a comprehensive destination marketing program funded by $1.63 million from the State of Alaska’s COVID-Safe Travel Promotion and Marketing Grant Program, and $1 million in American Rescue Plan Act funding via the Municipality of Anchorage.

Produced by outlets like Outside, Conde Nast Travel, and Travel + Leisure, these stories showcased Anchorage’s wide-open spaces, outdoor attractions, rich Alaska culture, and visitor opportunities. Travelers flocked to read about it. By September, these articles — and the surrounding social media, email, banner ads, and related promotion — generated 28.5 million impressions for Anchorage. With the help of other marketing tactics ranging from streaming TV to audio, email, pay-per-click, in-state TV, Facebook, and other digital ads, the impressions grew even larger. In the three-month span from June-August, Visit Anchorage saw 100 million digital ad impressions — twice as many as received over the full course of 2019. 

Browse the links below for an overview of Visit Anchorage’s 2021 summer sponsored content campaign.