Ascending Path Guide Service has two new day trip offerings and an overnight camping option on the Alaska Railroad to Spencer Whistle Stop starting summer 2018. Alaska Railroad will allow Ascending Path's clients disembarkation off the morning Coastal Classic train at Spencer Whistle Stop five days a week, Sunday through Thursday. The railroad is granting Ascending Path this exclusive relationship due to their recently awarded 10 year permit at Spencer Whistle Stop with the U.S. Forest Service.

New Spencer Glacier Day Trip Options

One of the new tours offered is Iceberg Kayaking on Spencer Lake, a hike and a train ride to Grandview. On this morning trip to Spencer Whistle Stop, guests will ride the scenic Coastal Classic train from Anchorage or Girdwood along the Turnagain Arm to an amazing glacier location to experience and learn about blue ice, up close and personal, on this half day kayaking excursion! The paddle includes outstanding views of the glacier and icebergs floating in Spencer lake with photo and rest stops to learn about interesting local wildlife, icebergs, history and glaciology. After exploring Spencer lake, guests will hike Forest Service trails back to the whistle stop. A boxed lunch will be enjoyed on a leisurely scenic Glacier Discovery train ride from Spencer Whistle Stop to Grandview Glacier and then back to the guests depot of origin. No experience is necessary and this trip is great for families and last minute bookings the day before.

The second trip offered is Spencer Glacier ice climbing by train and kayak at Spencer Whistle Stop. Nowhere else in the world can guests: ride a train, sea kayak and ice climb on a glacier all in a day! Guests will learn from expert and fun climbing guides who teach the basics of ice climbing and be able to thump an ice ax into walls of ice in the Alaskan summer. With 4 hours of time on the glacier, there will be plenty of time to ice climb, explore crevasses, cave and moulins. A catered deli sack lunch on the glacier will top off this awesome experience. All paddling and ice climbing instruction & gear provided.

New Overnight Option for Spencer

Ascending Path is also adding a glacier camping experience on Spencer Glacier. The Ultimate Overnight Adventure includes AP's regular Spencer Glacier Hike by train and sea kayak with an added overnight camping on Spencer Glacier and then a helicopter ride back to Alyeska Hotel. On this glacier "glamping" experience guests will paddle past ancient ice, hike and camp on it with a professional glacier and kayak guide, peer deep into crevasses, find ice caves and learn how glaciers are formed. Glacier access is by Alaska Railroad, then sea kayaking across Spencer lake amidst icebergs. Experience the best blue ice glacier caves in Alaska so close to Anchorage! This trip ticks off a lot of Alaska adventures on the bucket list in 24 hours. Nowhere else in the world can guests: ride a train, sea kayak, explore amazing ice features, sleep and dine on a glacier as well as experience a scenic helicopter flight all in two days! Since guests will be staying the night on the glacier, they will have extra time to explore the ice, take photos or longer time to paddle their kayaks at their pace. They will enjoy dining on the glacier during the midnight sun with panoramic glacier, mountain and lake views eating a memorable locally sourced Alaskan salmon dinner. The catered dinner option can also be upgraded to dining on Alaska king crab legs! Sleeping arrangements will be in a comfy North Face 2 Meter Dome or Space Station tent on the glacier with cots, pillows and sleeping bags. The next morning will include a hot breakfast and a helicopter pickup for a scenic flight back to Girdwood's Hotel Alyeska heli-pad. This private trip is surely an Alaskan trip of a lifetime!