Can Design Help Combat Homelessness?

Anchorage Museum offers space for community dialogue about houselessness and responses by local designers

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA – Feb. 7, 2020 – With evictions a serious issue nationally and extreme weather events displacing thousands, houselessness is one of society’s biggest challenges. Through the project Houseless, on view Feb. 7 through April 5, the Anchorage Museum invites visitors to consider ways design can contribute to solutions.

“Design thinking helps break down complex problems and integrate new information and ideas,” says Anchorage Museum Director/CEO Julie Decker. “The Houseless project does not suggest it has the answers, but it offers space for conversation, to convene individuals and organizations to consider possible solutions for housing security in our own community.”

Houseless brings together four components:

  • The National Building Museum’s exhibition Evicted;
  • A presentation of the micro-dwelling housing initiative from Portland State University’s Center for Public Interest Design;
  • WE ARE ALL HOMELESS, a long-term project by designer Willie Baronet;
  • And WHAT IF, a space for responses by local designers as well as community discussions and dialogue.


Community organizations participating with programs and information tables in the space include United Way of Anchorage, Anchorage Communal Homeless Village Project (ACHVP), Abused Women In Crisis (AWAIC), NeighborWorks Alaska, Choosing Our Roots, and Homeless Resource Advisory Council (HRAC).

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