Online AWE Destination Training

Southcentral Alaska’s awesome adventures, spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and pristine wilderness continue to attract domestic and international travelers. The Anchorage Wild Expert online destination training program is designed to make you an expert on Anchorage and Southcentral Alaska, thereby enhancing your credibility with clients and increasing your Alaska sales. Besides, it’s fun!

Discover Anchorage and Southcentral Alaska in convenient online training sessions that can be taken at your own pace. Do the entire program at once or as time allows. At the completion of each training session is a short quiz. A passing score of each quiz is required before continuing on to the next section. Upon successful completion of each session, you will be awarded an Anchorage Wild Expert certificate and be qualified for a spot on an upcoming Anchorage FAM tour. Plus you get to add “AWE” after your name. How cool is that?

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NOTE: Training sessions have video that may take time to load depending on internet speed. Please allow time for slides to load before skipping ahead. 

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