State of Alaska | Matt Hage

Dog Sledding

It doesn’t have to be winter to drive a dog sled in Alaska. Get a taste of the one of the north’s greatest adventures in summer too!

A powerful pack of huskies pulling a speeding dogsled and musher along a snow-packed trail. It’s the quintessential Alaska adventure and one that often fuels the daydreams of travelers.

If your travels bring you to Anchorage, you can easily make the dogsled dream reality, even in summer. In fact, summer is the perfect season to take a ride, as the season’s sun and winter fun unite for a doggone good time.

A quick and scenery-packed drive, and an equally beautiful helicopter ride, gets you on a glacier, where dog teams and drivers await to take you on a wintery ride. Cool air, warm sun and snow in all directions – it’s a winter wonderland in the middle of summer.

You can stand on the sled runners and drive the dog team yourself, or sit in the sled’s “basket” and gain an appreciation for the strength of the dog team. No matter how you ride, be sure to bask in a dog’s-eye view of the sun sparkling off the hanging glaciers around you. Just don’t forget your sunglasses – the handlers will take care of everything else.

Back on with snowless trails around the summery Anchorage area, local mushers offer kennel tours and training rides. Hang with a kennel that has Iditarod bloodlines and mushers who know their trails and tails. Cuddle with puppies - the future Iditarod champs - and get behind a team on your own dogsled adventure. You’ll marvel at the dogs’ collective muscle, speed, smarts and charm.

No matter how you meet the mutts, you’ll remember your summer mushing adventure in Anchorage for a lifetime.