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Flight Times

Approximate Flight Times To AnchorageView Locator Map

Atlanta - 7 hours (Seasonal Nonstop)
Boston - 9.5 hours
Chicago - 6 hours (Nonstop)
Dallas - 6 hours
Denver - 5 hours (Nonstop)
Detroit - 6 hours
Frankfurt - 9.5 hours (Seasonal Nonstop)
Honolulu - 5 hours (Nonstop)
Houston - 6.5 hours (Nonstop)
Los Angeles - 5 hours (Nonstop)
Minneapolis - 5.25 hours (Nonstop)
Miami - 10 hours
Newark - 8 hours
New York City - 8 hours
Philadelphia - 7 hours (Seasonal Nonstop)
Phoenix - 5.5 (Seasonal Nonstop)
Portland - 3.25 hours (Nonstop)
Reykjavik - 7 hours (Seasonal Nonstop)
Salt Lake City - 4.5 hours (Nonstop)
San Francisco - 4.5 hours (Seasonal Nonstop)
Seattle - 3 hours (Nonstop)
Seoul - 9 hours
St. Louis - 6.5 hours
Taipei - 9.5 hours
Tokyo - 6.5 hours
Vancouver - 3 hours (Seasonal Nonstop)
Washington, D.C. - 9 hours

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Getting to Anchorage and Around Alaska

Getting to Anchorage is easy any time of year, whether traveling by air, land or sea. The Alaska Railroad connects Anchorage with Denali, Fairbanks, Girdwood, the Mat-Su Valley, Seward, Talkeetna and Whittier. Lake Hood, the world's busiest floatplane base, brings the remote areas in Alaska closer to Anchorage. And two highways connect Anchorage with the rest of Southcentral Alaska. 

Accessible Anchorage
Getting to Alaska by Air, Land or Sea
Getting Around Anchorage and Alaska
Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
Alaska Marine Highway
Cruise Transfers

Anchorage & Alaska Maps

Order the Official Guide to Anchorage to receive Anchorage and Southcentral Alaska maps by mail. Or click the link below to see PDFs of Anchorage and Alaska maps.