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Anchorage Museums

Explore the traditions of diverse Alaska Native cultures at an Anchorage museum and find out more about their role in contemporary life. Hear fascinating stories and watch dances of Alaska’s first people. Peruse Alaska’s art, history and science or learn about early aviation. Discover Alaska's expansion from the gold rush to statehood and beyond. It's all possible through museums and cultural centers in Anchorage.
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Historic aircraft at the Alaska Aviation Museum
Historic aircraft at the Alaska Aviation Museum ©Alaska Aviation Museum

Museums Articles

Timeless, indigenous, diverse, eclectic, provocative, original – the arts in Anchorage reflect the inspiration felt everywhere; in the environment, the people, the culture and scenic surroundings.
It's easy to spend quality family time in Anchorage, Alaska, where bears, bison and beaches mix with salmon, science and scenery for an unforgettable family vacation experience.
Anchorage is home to many museums and historical attractions that present Alaska’s fascinating blend of Russian, Native, gold rush and pioneer history from every imaginable angle.
Anchorage is the crossroads for Alaska, where gold rush adventurers met Russian and Native culture and a tent city in the wilderness blossomed into the state’s largest city.